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How true is this

God of War

Lets go Brandon!
Biden goes begging for oil while we have more here than anywhere on earth.
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Globalism requires inter-dependence and so the globalist-communists in this country are hell bent to make us energy depedent and China dependent all over again. This is beyond treason. It is some evil one world government shit that dehumanizes and rubs out the individual in any meaningful sense.

These are the abortionists, the po-po defunders, the open borderers, the political persecutors in action. Everything they do intends to minimizes the Bill of Rights and in that dehumanize. Look how China live organ harvests from prisoners of conscience. This utilitarian view of life is exactly why Dems love China. They want that power. This is why they use Putin to let China off the hook.

Tom Facts

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Not very, considering we peaked oil imports in 2005. None of those people were president then.

We are a major oil exporter. Going from 5.2 million barrels in 2016 to almost 9 million barrels today.

So… let’s go back to actual oil companies or shut up about being unable to pay for gas.


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and Joe is going to halt fed gas tax and save average drives "$8.83" monthly........WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO