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Legalize It



Nancy Reagan was nothing more than a bad joke. Legalize pot on the national level for the benefits that freedom and money bring to society.
I agree that dope should not be an area of focus for our law enforcement community.

I do/have always/will always understand that 'recreational' pot:

1) Is for losers and slackers
2) Diminishes mental acuity, general alertness, and obliterates ambition/motivation
3) Appeals to a demographic that is already not 'top shelf'

I've never tried it, but have many friends who got into it either in HS or in college. It made them demonstrably more stupid. That said, I don't consider it the province of government to get in the middle of this garbage. Resources allocated to policing/prosecuting this stuff could be better assigned elsewhere and liberty means something.

I do agree with individual communities having the right to govern if/where stores selling this stuff are allowed to be (much as it is with - say - strip joints). If a local community says "NIMBY", that's ok by me.