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Let's look at our Covid Negro problem.


States with the highest percentage of black persons.


States with the most new infections


3 out of the top 10 appear on both list.


It looks like for most of the state black tend to be more vaccinated than their white counterparts.

In fact that is so for two of the parishes that are the current epicenter of their outbreak.



So maybe it's not the black people in Louisiana that are responsible for its top 10 showing.


From the state's website we see that black vaccination (at least one shot) is above their percentage of the population but that's not saying much. Overall the state is terrible except for the Asian population.


North Carolina


Black vaccination numbers are 5% below their population percentage.

White vaccination numbers are 7% below their population percentage.

Hmm ?

I mean, if the right is saying we have a black vaccination problem.
Why doesn't this current outbreak match up with that claim ?
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Nice analysis. It debunks the winger “blame the blacks” talking point. So they will ignore it.
It debunks NOTHING. it's numbers are a pile of jibbersih. One of the first things it said, was California has the highest number of total Covid cases, AND highest number of Covid deaths.

And guess what group is the highest % of UNVACCINATED there ? >> BLACKS.

Vaccinations by race
Not vaccinated

Black - 55%
Latino - 54%
American Indian or Alaska Native - 42%
White - 41%

Tracking California COVID-19 vaccine distribution - Los Angeles Times (

California Department of Public Health