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Liberals are next


You think the mother, forced to abort a pregnancy for what ever reason, hates the fetus inside of her?

I've never seen a mother kill a child she loved.

You want to control her life and her body. I do not.

The baby is NOT her body, you edited. The life belongs to the BABY, and unless the BABY is threatening the mother's life, she engaged in the activity that made the baby and should have the child. It is a HUMAN LIFE. It is not a Jew in Germany in 1945.

I am not a woman and will never need to know what it is like to make that decision.

Then SHUT THE FCK UP. You have as much as as I do.
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Yeah...we should have disarmed the Afghan army before we left. Funny that wasn't part of Trump's surrender.
Trump wasn't in office when our weaponry was surrendered to the TALIBAN. That is all on Joe and his incompetence.

Just like his former boss the Obama armed ISIS (which, by the way is an act of TREASON) Joe armed the people who helped engineer the destruction of the World Trade Center.

Your values are fcvkkkkkked.


You claim Antifa and BLM were in the mob. I pointed out that if true then repubs should have joined in an investigation to prove it.

Still confused?
Republicans were still waiting for the UNINVESTIGATED BLM riots, which caused a lot more property damage, KILLED MORE PEOPLE, and caused more people to go to the hospital.

Right now, Kamala the Ungandan Giant is on record for giving BAIL MONEY to one of those BLM animals.


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Doing well as I hope you are.

Right now I am enjoying my freedom while it lasts since liberals are going to be rounded-up soon, and I don't plan to be here when the Feds come searching. I'd tell you where I plan to go (Mexico), but I don't want word leaking out.

I was wondering, in case I get caught fleeing to Mexico and thrown into a concentration camp, would you testify under oath that I am not a liberal?
Of course and if you go be sure come back as an illegal for all the rewards!

You can find crap from Salty in a lot of places on the web. Exact same jumbled phrases.
I could see you enthusiastically nodding like a bobble head doll because he makes sense to you.

I was just letting another poster know.
While this Christian Nation national 9/11 religion of SCOTUS Christiananality pedophilia suicidal super egos in it's more perfect Nazi union economics of "serve the Pope or die" with Islam "death to the infidels" with that "man is God" Mengele "Angel of Death" baptize thine eyes by urinations of a Washington, D.C. born retired WW II Pentagon staff sergeant granted standing with a fabricated Islam misnomer, immaculate Christain drug conception & the proverbial thieving US Constitution arsonists Islamidiotocracy continuing interpretation of Federal Lynching KKK churchstate of hate fiefdom drug trafficking enforcement in "one nation under God with equal justice under law" for Rehnquist's Fourth Reich July sociopsychopathilogical homicidal holy trinity human farming for 22 years....while Eisenhower said "Never Again".