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Poll : How Many Political Forums Censor ?

How Many Internet Political Forums Are Totalitarian Platforms ?

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Becoming more & more apparent that many of the political discussion forums are totalitarian with censorship of little more than as in that "it's my sports ball & no one plays" as "it's my forum & no one questions USA censorship" ? Up to about a dozen over the past few years....


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All forums practice some censorship. Certain statements are illegal to make (sedition may be practiced but it is still illegal, for example). Certain words are considered off-limits to almost everyone (certain rap artists can use those words at will, though).

We all tend to gravitate toward forums where the censorship doesn't rub us the wrong way. For me this forum is pretty good. It is just about as balanced as any forum I have found. Yet........ sometimes I feel the wrong things have been censored for all the wrong reasons. I think that's probably normal and I give it a pass.

I'm still here.


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Have yet to get rap other than modern choreographed street talk of which intake is not daily & then there's that decades old George Carlin's words you can't say on TV censorship etiquette. As for that Catholic Church tradition of federal sedition where any comments on political ramifications of "serve the Pope or die" crusades of pedophiles are automatically off limits as censor & banned is more of a confession extolling political super egos & little more than lynching enforcement over the internet.
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How come there are 2 different questions but only answer spaces for 1 of the questions?