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POLL--How much time will Coumo spend in Prison


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It is (D)ifferent…. you mean the shriekers and moralizers will let this one pass? Or are they indicating it was okay all along when Trump did it?

See how I did that...
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Ending Racism with or without Hillary

Same as what Trump spent.

Now Matt Gaetz is another story. He's being investigated for having sex with minors and trafficking them.
So sexual harassment was acceptable to lefty all along...And by Trump you mean Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein and when Trump was a (D).

But I digress and point out this is what happens when lefty speaks before the talking points on how to say are told by the DNC. Epic fail.


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I seriously doubt that he'll see the inside of a prison for sexual harassment.

I do think there will be a renewed call for him impeachment in New York - The AG's report paints an ugly picture that will be difficult to ignore.

How much traction impeachment will get remains to be seen.
Well, they say he laid hands on the women
So time will tell


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The victims do not have the kind of money necessary to take him to court.
Since it's both Federal and State crimes the victims shouldn't have to take him to court, Feds and State responsibility

At least it is for non-political peon's

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Topic is Cuomo
you get them deputy ! enforce those rules you break

Now I think he should spend 8-20 years, will he get that much doubtful but I think that is a good number - basically life in prison. Now there you go