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The crazed can't touch it
I noticed that
Restaurants CAN'T find employees, majority can't even get supplies needed to stay open regular hours as before pandemic
Schools are canceling bus routes to schools due to shortage of bus drivers

Hospitals firing unvaccinated nurses and reporting their staffing shortage are serious and making nurses that test Positive come to work (all across America_

that can't just be a staffing problem here

27,000 flights cancelled due to staffing shortages
Truck driver shortage, every business has shortages of staffing/employees, but, I see here in PJ unemployment at 3.9%

eh........I'm far from smartest man in America but I know 1+3 isn't 15


Biden would have had to order this billion dollar order for new test in the blind in order for them to have helped us now. But that would have been a crap shoot, not knowing if we would actually need them.

What do you think the headline would be for a DeSantis type outcome in test kits.

Only 500x more

Would you have remained silent about it, if it were Biden ?