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'Splain this race baiters


You know who you are. And surely you remember the most influential of them all, when Joe Biden took to the airwaves along with Stacy Abrams to denounce Republicans and Georgia's so called Jim Crow laws.

So what say you about this?


A post-election survey from the University of Georgia released last week found that none of the 364 black voters polled had a “poor” experience at the ballot box.
72.5% of black voters said there was no difference in how difficult or easy it was to vote compared to 2020. Another 19.1% said it was easier to vote than in 2020, which is 6 points higher than the share of white voters who said it was easier. Evidently, Georgia Republicans were really bad at imposing Jim Crow voter suppression tactics.

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sensible don

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so are we singling out just the black respondents or all the respondents - you know white and other......