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Televise All School Classes

The days of trusting "our" public schools, and their liberal teachers, are over. With all the anti-America, anti-white, anti-police, and pro-sex pervert CRT trash that kids are being indoctrinated with, parents, and all interested Americans need to be seeing and hearing what is being said in the classroom.

It is only by accident that parents became privvy to what was going on in these classrooms between "teachers" (indoctrinaters) and their kids. The pandemic was a help in one way. By having lessons online, at home, where parents could see them, instead of hidden in school classrooms, the filth teachers were laying on kids got to be noticed.

One may wonder how long this abomination has been going on. Certainly for years, and probably some number of decades. Quite likely these teachers themselves are unknowing victims of this racist, treasonous junk, from when they were school students. At the very least, if these rogue teachers are not fired, as they ought to be, their words should be monitored by parents et al, continuously, to stop any further damage.

Open up the schools. Broadcast the "lessons" LIVE, every day.
Is this another thread liberals won't touch ? Don't want to talk about ? Started this in another forum at the same time as this,. It is over 400 posts long already.