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Whose capitol is it anyways?

God of War

Lets go Brandon!
No they'll wear masks in future because they're big fat pussies just like the masked antifa people, who countenanced in their planning that going around destroying things is okay. It's not. Eventually decent people will beat those [Unwelcome language removed] thugs back into the dark
Do you know how to spell establishmentarian? p.h.i.l.f.i.s.h. How about statist? p.h.i.l.f.i.s.h. Mandates? Same

God of War

Lets go Brandon!
I didn't say anything about overthrowing the government. You're waffling all over the place.

The sixers were a bunch of deranged fat loads, got up ahead of steam because they think they own everything in the country, you know this is our America and all that kind of bluster. Nobody aggravated anything, a bunch of deranged idiots, pissed off that their candidate lost, when berserk at the Capitol. They weren't trying to stop shit because nothing was stolen. They were just mad so they made up some shit, like you're making up shit here, and it resulted in their storming the capital.

Now we are waiting their trial, presumed sentencing of some kind and that'll be that. They'll remain fat loads who think that the election was stolen, but not much anybody can do about their deranged thinking
The election was stolen.

God of War

Lets go Brandon!
That would have been nice if they had been lined up like ordinary visitors to the Capitol. Which they were not. Again you're peddling complete bullshit.

What they were was a violent mob intent on destruction. Which in fact is what turned out. Not because they got puffy because they weren't allowed into their capital. But because they were there for a reason, to be violent. And they were

Your attempts to recast it now are really pathetic. They should reference for the capital like a slob artist shooting on a crucifix. They don't deserve their capital. At the moment what they deserve is trial and jail
You hate fat people. That's loud and clear.