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You pro-abortion types should hate the Democrats in Washington


The liberal Democrats who control Congress and control the White House knew for an entire month that there was a case before the Supreme Court that involved Roe. An entire month.

What did they do with all that time?

They sent out fund raising letters to the dumb asses who voted for them.

If you pro abortion people here really think that most of America supported abortion on demand at any time in the pregnancy for any reason, that should have been an easy bill for Congress to pass. And they could have put the paperwork in front of Joe. (He would have signed anything, so long as it came with an ice cream cone.)

No bill was even drafted in committee.

Don't blame those of us who cherish the Constitution and the value of human life. We have campaigned on pro life issues ever since Roe was legislated from the bench in 1973. We voted for presidents who had actually read the Constitution. Three of those presidents (the Bushes and Trump) gave us the justices who had likewise read the Constitution.

Is the Republican Congress ready to take charge? Well, future Speaker McCarthy already has Biden's impeachment papers drawn up.

But don't you dare blame Republicans for this. In Congress, we (for the time being) are in the minority.