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Let's not play stupid


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There are no climate scientists. PERIOD. A scientist is one who knows or even closely understands the scientific subject one gets government funding for. The Climate change fairies have no idea what they are talking about. The name "climate change" is just a rebranding of that failed myth global warming, which NEVER occurred when it was supposed to.

Scientists who tell the truth about the unpredictable nature of weather/climate systems are not on the payroll of oil companies. If you say otherwise, produce credible proof from a credible source (which of course you have ZERO) or admit you are lying about the oil companies.

Oh, and while your President tried to shut down the United States coal industry, he makes deals with China through his son, and China is the BIGGEST coal user on the planet.
Really? NO CLIMATE SCIENTISTS? So nobody working at NOAA can call themselves a climate scientist?
I get sick of listening to and reading those in the right wing that are brainwashed. They are captives of jingoism-aka known as what the far right wing is now calling 'nationalism'. With some, they are trying to hide their believing in the 'Big lie'. They don't want to look like stooges and the only thing they have left is to continue on with it as if the sane can't see their complicity/stupidity. Humility is foreign (pun intended) to many of them.

Take for example the Trump and Fox N3wzs' leading propagandist Carlson praising fascist leaders like Brazil's Bolsonaro. And the latest, as pointed out above- Hungarian president Viktor Orbán.

It is '1984' -just decades later than Orwell predicted. But don't kid yourself- it is happening.

If you read the book, or seen the movie, you can see how the right wing feels the need to be the Though Police in their attempt to make America into a right wing dystopia- punishable with jail time in their attempt to dictate morality. See right wing states putting bounties on women that they don't want to have control of their own body's.

There is so much more with the right wing blitzkrieg (again, pun intended) of what they think America should be like using a god as their template but throwing out 'free will' if it doesn't suit them. They are weak. They allow Trump, (big brother) to dictate to them, no matter what the repercussions with lead to.

If this is allowed to continue, America is F'd!
Most people have already caught on to Trump’s con. The imbeciles who still support him are dwindling.


* See DC's list of Kook posters*
We know what the right wing want's. You can hear, and see, it with the posturing of the far right wing SCOTUS.

Just ask the leaders of the propaganda- Trump, Tucker Carlson, MTG, Boebert, Gatz, and the others that are bent on turning this country into a a radical theology- while attacking Science.

And they're in for the long game...

Trump's reminiscing WWII and the gain from creating detentions camps again.

Do you think I'm wrong?

This is where the rubber meets the road....

And you played stupid.

Epic fail on your own thread title.

write on

I was going to use the adjective 'ignorant' in describing those that are in the Trump cult in my OP.

But I knew that it would be frivolous.

Stand proud, wingers! :rolleyes: