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  1. protectionist

    Biden just appointed a pro-Hamas judge.

    Biden just appointed a pro-Hamas judge. As shocking as it sounds, that’s exactly what just happened. We must stop his confirmation in the Senate before it’s too late. STOP BIDEN President Biden is packing the courts with judicial activists willing to rubber-stamp his unconstitutional agenda...
  2. protectionist

    Not One Word

    That's what we got from NBC News with Lester Holt last night regarding the biggest scandal of a US president in US history. Good guess that the rest of the leftwing media was just as absent on this monster story. In a nutshell, Rep.Comer (R-KY) did a press conference revealing an exchange of...
  3. georgephillip

    If Biden Authorized Nord Stream 2 Attack, Should He Face Impeachment?

    Joe Biden's recent obsession with UFOs and spy balloons could serve as a distraction from his possible complicity in an act of international terrorism. Should congress investigate and impeach Biden if warranted? "U.S. behind Nord Stream sabotage – legendary NYT journalist –Washington “took...
  4. protectionist

    Trump Dominates 2024 Presidential Polls in Survey

    President Trump has taken a commanding lead in the latest Harvard-Harris 2024 poll, outpacing struggling President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in a survey of 2,050 registered voters. Trump received 46% of the vote, while Biden received 41%. 13% of respondents were unsure. The...
  5. Conservative Girl

    4 Damning Photos Appear To Show “Sad-Looking” Joe Suffering Elder Abuse By Jill

    He looked like a sad puppy in this pic https://www.rightjournalism.com/4-damning-photos-appear-to-show-sad-looking-joe-suffering-elder-abuse-by-jill/
  6. protectionist

    Biden Total Failure on Confronting Russia

    Joe Biden has failed on just about every issue that has arose before him. Now with Russia attacking Ukraine, Biden has shown his policy regarding confronting Putin and Russia, and their talk of nuclear war. He is not doing it. Period. The inept, unqualified to be president, joke Joe Biden has...
  7. Conservative Girl

    White House Feed *Cut* After Biden Confronted on Call with Xi Jinping – The Look On Biden’s Face Speaks Volumes (Video)

    He looks like he’s asking for pudding. https://defiantamerica.com/white-house-feed-cut-after-biden-confronted-on-call-with-xi-jinping-the-look-on-bidens-face-speaks-volumes-video/
  8. protectionist

    Take a Good Look Democrats, At What You Have Unleashed Upon America

    All the Democrat fools who either voted for Joe Biden, or manipulated votes to get him elected, need to take a good look at our March 2022 America. For that matter, just look at the whole world, and the state that it is in, after a little more than a year of Biden mismanagement, weakness...
  9. protectionist

    This Is for All Those Who Thought Biden Had an Ounce of Sanity

    Here is Richard Levine, posing as a woman, and calling himself "Rachael Levine". Biden just appointed this nutjob to the second highest job in HHS, and made him a 4 star admiral in something. He is also a pediatrician, and a teacher of psychiatry. HA HA. Why any mother would let Levine...
  10. protectionist

    Biden's Failing Afghanistan Withdrawl

    This is an editorial from the Washington Examiner, August 12, 2021. By refusing to use overwhelming air power to blunt the Taliban's rise, Joe Biden is failing to protect American interests in Afghanistan and ultimately undermining national security. Biden's failing Afghanistan withdrawal |...
  11. protectionist

    Would You Trust Biden With the Nuclear Codes ?

    I will start this off with my comment. HELL NO!
  12. protectionist

    "America Last" Biden Bowed Down to European G7 Leaders

    Few things could be more demonstrative of POTUS rookie Joe Biden's lack of qualification to be a president of the United States, than his disastrous performance at the G7 summit. A concise, accurate, and disturbing report of the train wreck, came from UK former Brexit leader and former member of...
  13. protectionist

    Clown Biden Wears Mask To a Zoom Meeting - Ha Ha

    How long will Americans have to endure international embarrassment ? 17 country leaders engaged in this zoom meeting, and ONE of them is wearing a mask (sitting in a room with no one else there) - you guessed it. Assclown Joe Biden. Oh God, what is going to become of us, after even 1 year of...
  14. protectionist

    Did Anybody Ever Say That Pence Had a Brain ?

    Mike Pence Calls Kamala Harris to Offer Congratulations I know it's only January, but nothing will top this as the IDIOCY OF THE YEAR. Then again, was there something going on between Pence, Biden, and Harris ? Hmmmmm! Pence will also attend Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration... which Trump...
  15. protectionist

    If Biden Wins (perish the thought), How Much will Social Security Be Cut ?

    There's the question. Anybody can take a shot at it. Hopefully, some answers will have some substance behind them. I fear this longgggg time enemy of Social Security, will cut benefits 50%, or maybe eradicate it all together, to free up money, to give to his illegal alien pals, who Democrats...
  16. as seen on tv

    WTH ? We go to jail for no mask, but looting and arson are OK?

    I was originally going to title this “America's Krystalnacht', but I doubted if the unread hyperleftists would even recognize the term. In the 1930's, as Hitler came to power, he unleashed “brown shirts” to commit arson, loot, and harass Jews. The German agencies charged with protecting...
  17. as seen on tv

    Bernie Sanders (NOT dead of corona) drops White House quest

    Joe Biden, also not dead from corona, has not dropped out either, despite advanced alzheimers. Governor Cuomo unmasked and uninfected, (unlike Fredo) says "just you wait til the rat lady sings", and blames NYC's sky high corona deaths on heroin addiction, HIV, hookers, and smoking. Hillart...
  18. as seen on tv

    Democrat bigshots fret that Biden is now "irrelevant"

    Insiders, some going on the record (like AOC's chief of staff/rumors) have declared that Biden is "irrelevant" and has been "reduced to snarking from confinement in his rec room" because of the corona virus restrictions. Normally I would dismiss out of hand the political analysis generated by...
  19. as seen on tv

    Dems to impeach Trump again !!

    Dont laugh. It will probably happen around the time of the political conventions. The impeachment charges will include 1. Failure to blockade the USA 2. Proposing a blockade of NYC. 3. Failure to prepare a vaccine in advance. 4. Ordering the FDA to bypass animal testing of vaccine...
  20. as seen on tv

    Can someone explain this please?

    California has 3,800 corona virus cases. NY has 38,000 . . . Ten times as many. California has 78 deaths. NY has 385 . . . Five times more. Yet NY governor Cuomo is on TV 24/7, and us bring treated by the media as a savior. They're even trying to supplant Biden with Cuomo as the probable...